Episode 03 Dude, Where's My Syrup?

Released April 29, 2018


Ahhhh maple syrup! The perfect addition to a stack of pancakes. Tapped from the good old maple tree, this sweet condiment is poured over millions of breakfasts every single day. Add to that the countless tasty treats and delicious recipes that use maple syrup and its popularity becomes crystal clear.

With popularity comes demand and with every commodity comes a black market. Like moonshine during the dry days of prohibition, maple syrup is no different and with a value over 10 times that of crude oil, the market has become highly regulated. So when a group of thieves decided to steal some sweet liquid gold from a storage warehouse in Quebec, Canada, they weren’t about to stop at a couple of bottles or cases. Far from it. This would go down as one of the most lucrative and perhaps most unusual robberies in Canadian history.