Episode 09 Filthy Dirty John Meehan

Released September 16, 2018


25 year-old Terra Newell parked her car on the top level of her apartment building’s lot. Collecting her dog and purse, Terra exited her car and walked to the rear. The 5ft2in tall Terra was immediately confronted by the 6ft2in tall man who had been a few spots over only moments earlier. The large man put one of his hands over her mouth revealing a long knife in the other. He stabbed at her repeatedly, slicing deep into her forearm and another into her chest. She was able to knock the knife from his grip and the blade landed within her reach. Blade in hand, Terra went into all-out survival mode, and attributed the popular TV show The Walking Dead for her sudden kill-or-be-killed mentality. She began stabbing wildly at the man, inflicting 13 wounds in all. If she learned one thing from the end of the world zombie show, she understood that the only way to kill a zombie is to destroy the brain. The final strike went right through his left eye, the long knife driven deep into his brain. As the man lay unconscious and convulsing on the parking lot pavement, the injured Terra called her mother and said “I’m really really sorry. I think I killed your husband.”



Music Credits

Kevin MacLeod - Babylon Disco Ultralounge

Kevin MacLeod - Clean Soul Calming

Kevin MacLeod - Drone in D

Kevin MacLeod - March of the Mind

Chris Zabriskie - The House Glows With Almost No Help

Kevin MacLeod - Kumasi Groove

Audionautix - Navajo Night

Christian Bjoerklund - Hallon

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