Episode 11 Vampires’ Delight

Released October 29, 2018


In the early morning hours of August 14, 2011, police were called to an apartment complex to investigate a reported assault. They arrived to find 19 year old Lyle Bensley in the parking lot growling and hissing and wearing nothing but boxer shorts. When police attempted to restrain him the teenager took off running. As he tried to escape, he scaled two tall fences which, according to officers, he did with minimal effort. Bensley was cornered shortly after and taken into custody.

Minutes before police arrived on scene, the teen had broken into the apartment of a total stranger. The only occupant awoke to the sounds of hissing and growling right next to her and the moment she opened her eyes, the mostly naked intruder began biting her neck. Running for her life, the terrified woman was picked up by a passing car.

As Galveston police were arresting Lyle Bensley, he yelled repeatedly that he did not want to feed on humans.When authorities put him in a jail cell, he told officers that they had to keep him handcuffed for their own protection. An officer was quoted saying, “He was begging us to restrain him because he didn’t want to kill us. He said he needed to feed.” The 19 year old told officers that he was a 500 year old vampire.



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Kevin MacLeod - Echoes of Time

Bach - Toccata in D minor

Kevin MacLeod - Aftermath Madness Paranoia

Kevin MacLeod - Long Note One

Hainbach – Blood Kiss

Blue Dot Sessions - Grey Alley

Hainbach – Alive Evil

Christian Bjoerklund - Hallon

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