Episode 12 the eriksson twins

Released November 25, 2018


The situation would have seemed absolutely normal had it not been for the location. Two women, casually walking together, both carrying bags. CCTV cameras followed the women on their precarious journey, six lanes of speeding cars and trucks just a few feet on either side. Without warning, the women jumped over the guard rail and ran straight in to the fast lane. One of them was immediately hit by a red sedan, and in the seconds of chaos that followed it’s amazing that the other was untouched. As the sound of screeching tires stopped, the one just hit by a car in the fast lane stood up and brushed herself off. Amazingly she had sustained only minor injuries in what should have been a fatal collision.

When the police arrived, the situation appeared to be calm and under control. As the women chatted with an officer who stood between them and the highway, one of them suddenly made a dash into traffic. The officer managed to quickly grab a hold of her green jacket and, at least for a moment, was able to hold her back. She slipped out of her jacket and into the path of an oncoming transport truck. A moment later, the other woman, wearing a hat that read “Time to believe”, also inexplicably ran straight into traffic.

The extraordinary events left authorities baffled.

Incredibly, the strange and horrifying incident on the highway pales in comparison to what happened next.