Episode 13 Bizarre Bits

Released December 21, 2018


This episode is a little different from the normal format of the show. This one is a collection of stories not quite long enough for their own episodes, but are so strange that they deserve a place in the podcast. Most importantly, these stories were submitted by listeners like you!

From a cross-dressing voodoo priest with major relationship issues to a Vatican cocaine-fueled orgy, these stories are truly bizarre. Enjoy!



Music Credits

Dan Lebowitz - Tiptoe Out the Back

The Whole Other - Breakfast Alone

A A Aalto - Focus

Chris Haugen - Et Voila

Kevin MacLeod - Apotheosis Ghostpocalypse

Luxalove - Outside Luxalove remix

P C III - TimeTrain

Christian Bjoerklund - Hallon

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