Episode 14 The battle of north hollywood

Released January 21, 2019


Using military-grade weapons and gear, two bank robbers turned the streets of North Hollywood, California into a war zone. For nearly 45 minutes, Los Angeles police faced one of the most violent and prolonged gun battles they had ever experienced. The police may have had them greatly outnumbered, but the gunmen had the police completely outmatched.

As if taken right from a Hollywood movie, the drama was captured live on camera and quickly had a nation glued to the TV. This was reality television on a whole new level and would go on to forever change the way law enforcement operates in the US. 



Music Credits

Vincent Augustus - No I Don’t

Lee Rosevere - Morning Mist

Silent Partner – Moth

David Hilowitz - Time Passing I

Bruno E. - A Stranger Thing

Causmic – Contact

Blue Dot Sessions - Alum Drum Solo

The Whole Other - The Getaway

Kevin MacLeod – Infados

Kosta T - Red in Black

Luxalove - Outside Luxalove remix

Kevin MacLeod - Lightless Dawn

Kevin MacLeod – Long Note One

Christian Bjoerklund - Hallon

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