Episode 18 Killer PRanks

Released September 30, 2019


It's all fun and games until someone unwittingly assassinates a world figure. That's exactly what happened in 2017 to a couple of people who thought they were on a reality television show. Turns out they had unknowingly been recruited by a foreign government to carry out a deadly mission.



Music Credits

A A Aalto – Archipelago

Jorge Hernandez - Born Again

Sir Cubworth - Cemetary Clown

Dan Bodan – Sunrise Over Big Data Country

Komiku - The Road We Use To Travel When We Were Kids

Kevin MacLeod - Apprehension Supernatural Haunting

Loop 102 – My Own Cubic Stone

Soularflair – Cue02

Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 14

Chris Zabriskie - Undercover Vampire Policeman

Christian Bjoerklund - Hallon

Music Sources